Friday, April 07, 2006

The Blue Devil Weekend and MBA Games Weekend

This has been one crazy week! We had 3 big assignments due in 3 subjects and all of them due on Thu and Fri, so you can imagine! Term 4 is elective term for people who did not exempt any courses and you work with new people. It's great to get to work with some new people, but thankfully, it's good to know that the other people are as good as others in your section.

Last weekend was Blue Devil Weekend, where a bunch of admits from all over the country (and some from outside) landed in droves to Fuqua to see what Fuqua is all about! As far as I can tell, BDW was being planned since Janurary and was probably one of the biggest event for the school and for the admissions. It was awesome to meet the new batch and I hope most the people I met would join us in August! Some admits put together videos, there are pictures, good times overall! We partied at night and they sat through some sessions during day time (hopefully not too boring, lest we scare them off!)! I wasn't here for BDW last year, so I have no idea what they must have gone through! ;-) But it's hard to believe that we are wrapping up first year (Half an MBA??)! One of my new Strategy team mates said it best, "It's like you closed your eyes in September. You opened it, and it's April"!

(OK I left the post at that a few days ago and am picking it up from here)

After a relatively quiet term 3, this term is proving to be quite the opposite! I guess everyone is rushing to get one last streak of partying done before they leave for summer or for a long time, or the new leadership is in full form. After BDW at the beginning of this month, we had MBA games the next week. Unfortunately, I could not manage to attend the games (had a bad headache and stuff) but I did attend the Friday kick-off event right after the Fuqua Friday. Fuqua Vision had put together a great show for visiting students from many schools. The ones I remember are Michigan, Ivey, Wharton, Harvard, Stern, Tuck and UNC... and then some more. The teams from these schools (including Duke) had to perform a cheer and a panel of judges gave prizes for the top 3. I think Ivey won the first prize and Wharton 2nd. I don't remember the 3rd prize, but I remember Tuck put on a great show! The Fuqua Vision then took over and it was one of the best FV shows I have seen!

In case you are wondering what Fuqua Vision is, it's a club that takes the day to day stuff from student life and puts up skits, shows and parodies once every term, at the end of term, and at important events like BDW, MBA Games and such. Apart from being a fun show where we make fun of ourselves, it's also a great medium of feedback to the administration from the students! Staplers don't work in the lab, be assured someone somewhere is putting together a nice little jingle and skit to make a point! Now it's a different story that we oftentimes get the dean, admissions head and professors participating and those shows are runaway hits! Who wouldn't like the dean playing Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings and the admissions head playing the Queen. No kidding!

It's amazing how these students take time out to put such grand shows, but we sure know how to make fun of ourselves! Now that's what we do on normal days, but having students from so many schools was too tempting for the FV crew I guess! FV made fun of all the schools, including Duke (of course, it's student run, what do you expect?! ;-)) The spoof on Tuck was awesome!! I wish I could go to the events and stuff, but anyway.... There is more coming! ;-)

This week, we have Fuqua Idol! I guess you guys guessed what it is. It's a year-end show put up by the Fuqua Music club. I don't quite know how many participants there are, but I know moi is one of them! ;-) I am singing an old rock n' roll song, but I won't let the secret out so soon... :-) We'll see how it goes. If I'm spared by the audience and I live to write about it......


Anonymous said...

Hi Shivesh,
I have to admit that you write one of the most-informative, most well thought out blogs. I especially liked "Job in UK? Internship in the UK?" and "Corporate Strategy as a career; case interviewing".
Keep up the good work. N good luck with ur internships n stuff.


(P.S. - came across ur blog through a Link in Simba's blog)

Shivesh said...

Simba's blog has done wonders to my blog! I owe her a lunch at least I guess! Thanks a lot and I am glad that you found the posts interesting! I loved writing them for sure! :-)